Microbiologically influenced corrosion – Joint Industry Project

Biofilms on carbon steel close up

Dear colleagues,

Since the 1930s, microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) has been recognized as a recurrent and pervasive threat to equipment, facilities, and infrastructure. Today, we know that MIC contributes to about 20% of the USD 4 trillion global costs of corrosion. Indeed, the economic impact of MIC on the oil and gas (O&G) industry alone can be as high as USD 7 billion. It has been also proposed that a large percentage of the cost could be reduced using current knowledge and commercial solutions.
At the Curtin Corrosion Centre, we firmly believe the O&G industry will benefit from a cooperative, comprehensive, and systematic endeavour to combat MIC.

We are, thus, proposing a joint industry project to assess, monitor, mitigate, and manage MIC phenomena across the O&G value chain.

The so-called MIC-JIP will be founded on a holistic approach that will benefit from industry-academia synergies, the world-class facilities at Curtin University, and the internationally recognized expertise of our multidisciplinary team of researchers, academics, and engineers.

You will find more information by downloading the document below. In short, the MIC-JIP will start with the assessment of current MIC risks of facilities nominated by the member companies. The MIC-JIP will also advance mitigation and monitoring approaches and establish MIC risk management tools, tailored to the specific scenarios of the MIC-JIP members.

Education, one of the pillars of the Curtin Corrosion Centre, is paramount to generate awareness of MIC and develop adequate preventive measures. Thus, the MIC-JIP will develop and deliver training modules and produce a unique online platform for MIC education that will take advantage of the new web infrastructure launched by the Curtin Corrosion Centre. MIC-JIP members will also have free access to the annual MIC Workshops organized by Curtin University, the next one scheduled for February 2020.

We would be thrilled to welcome you as part of the MIC-JIP consortium.

Important Dates

- Contract signing: 30 November 2019.
- Kick-off: 30 March 2020.


Download MIC-JIP Proposal

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact Dr Laura Machuca-Suarez and Prof. Mariano Iannuzzi.